My Furry Valentine

My new teaching job is really messing up my blogging schedule. Prep work is no joke. I really commend all the teachers and educators out there. I feel like there’s nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than giving back through teaching. That being said, things are finally settling down and I’m getting into the groove of […]

You Got Me In Chainz

I had to add the “z” on chainz because it’s waaaay cooler. Today I’m featuring a unique accessory that I hadn’t ever heard about before this collab: The shoulder chain! This post is being sponsored by an up and coming online accessory boutique called The Songbird Collection. Since I’m a lover of all things unique and borderline weird, […]

Ice Queen

Hello, how are you? It’s Monday again!! I hope you’re having a great start to your week. I went for a cool look for this shoot because I was channeling my inner Ice Queen. People often say I am a cold person because I’m a straight forward, tell it as it is kind of gal. […]