State of Confusion

I’m confused about this print guys. Is it tie-dye or ombre?! Is it a little of both? I’m leaning towards both. What do you think? Summer maxi dresses are always nice to wear because it gives you that dressy look without the discomfort. I’m not always a “comfort over style” person because sometimes the thing […]

Tie Me Denim

When I first wore this, my husband said I looked like a flight attendant. Lol, I said, “Good”. Anything to stand out from the ordinary is A-OK in my book. This denim peplum top is everything to me right now. First of all, it’s denim and who doesn’t like anything denim, right? Second, it’s peplum, the […]

Abstract Prints

Welcome back to PnB and Happy Monday! I’m ready to tackle this week with renewed energy, refreshment, confidence and gratitude. Hope you guys are too! I love this dress. Period. Ok, here are some pics, bye! Lol, jk. I love everything from the print, to the color, to the style, and the fit. It’s simply […]

Coachella Vibes

And by Coachella Vibes, I literally mean Coachella vibes because I’m at Coachella in spirit. I’ve never really had an urge to actually attend Coachella, but it seems like it would be fun if you were going with a bunch of friends. Maybe I’ll go one day… Anyways, Happy Monday! Warning! Achtung! Cuidado! Avertissement! Unintentional […]