Yeezy Peezy

I’m channeling my inner street style today. Although I love my more feminine looks, sometimes it’s nice to get away from that and explore all the possibilities fashion has to offer. I’ve also been inspired by a lot of the men’s street style since fashion week is slowly creeping up on us. My sense of […]

That Emoji Girl

I totally felt like that emoji girl in the red dress when I shot this look! I wish I ¬†took a photo posing like that girl, but my brain failed to think of it at that moment… {derp} You really can’t go wrong with a red dress. This one actually fit like a shift dress, […]

Faux real?

Hello you wonderful people! Welcome to Pipesnbuttons on this glorious Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great Wednesday so far. I’m still getting over this bugaboo, but I can phonate so I’m happy!! As some of you know, it’s NYFW! You guys are probably following the bloggers, designers, models, celebs, trends, shows and parties at […]