Suit Up

Today is the end of Menswear Inspired week and I officially want to be a boy. Ok, ok jk, but I do like dressing like them. They’re clothes always seem to be more simple, sleek, clean and sharp. I really love when men tailor their suits. It really says a lot about them. It tells […]

If I Were A Boy

This past weekend was a rough one. My cousin lost his battle with liver cancer and passed away last night. My mom and grandma flew down from Oregon on Friday, only to see him take his last breath yesterday night at 9:05pm. I’ve never seen anyone die right in front of me, but now I […]


Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas! I certainly had a great time with my family. I love how the holidays bring family and friends together. It’s truly a joyful and wonderful time of the year. I hope you tell your loved ones how special they are each and every day! When I […]

Wear It Like A Man

Hi Everyone and Happy Day 3 of Advent! I just can’t wait for the holidays. My heart starts pounding when I think about the joy and beauty of Christmas. I hope you can take the time to find peace and joy this season. I love men’s clothing! I wish there were more bespoke suits, three […]