Sailing to the Moon

I didn’t intend to look like Sailor Moon today, but it just dawned on me as I was preparing to write this post. I think it’s the color of the boots and outfit. We can draw inspiration from anything right? I actually took Japanese in high school for 3 years. It was easy for me […]

Falling For Florals

I love floral prints because you can wear them year round. Lighter colored florals can be worn for warmer seasons while the darker prints are perfect for F/W. I wouldn’t dare wear this right now because it’s consistently 80-90 degrees here, but when the weather cools down, I’ll be taking this outfit for a joyride. Turtlenecks […]

Shades of Bleu

Yes, I know how to spell blue. I just wanted to be fancy and spell it the French way because the French are so elegant and posh. I feel like this look embodies a class and coy. The soft baby blue paired with cream and silver gives the look a dreamy edge. I think the […]

Baby, Baby

Happy Humpday!! I hope your week has been going well so far. Only 2 more days til the weekend guys. Hang in there! Give someone a hug, compliment a neighbor, think positive thoughts and treat yourself to something nice. Lately I’ve been seeing a few blog posts on baby blue coats. I don’t think you […]


Hello Lovely People! Plaids, turtlenecks and reds are my favorite holiday go to staples! I love plaid flannels because you can layer them in a bunch of different ways. Turtlenecks keep you warm and you can wear them under dresses and doubled up on sweaters. Red is a holiday color so you can’t go wrong wearing […]


Happy Day 5 of Advent y’all! I can’t believe it’s the 5th of December already! Wow, time seems to be flying these days. As the holidays approach,  most of us will probably be traveling to visit friends and family. I am definitely looking forward to visiting my family in Portland. When I travel, I want […]