Pipes X The Mint Julep Boutique

If you know me, you know how much I love a jumpsuits. They’re comfortable, stylish and most importantly, it gives you that elongated frame. When The Mint Julep Boutique contacted me, I immediately checked out their selection of jumpsuits and fell in love with this burgundy one. The color is bold, but not loud, the fit […]

Wannabe: How to Pose Like a Blogger

So, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, I wanna really really really  wanna zigazig ah and be in NY for NYFW! I mean, I could just go right? No one’s stopping me, but it would really be nice to be invited one day, lol. Since I’m on the opposite coast of […]

Day of Pink

Yes, I know… National Pink Day was yesterday, but since I post every MWF I decided to dedicate a post all about pink today! Pink used to be my favorite color as a little girl because of its feminine quality and probably because society deemed pink as a “girlie” color. I would want the pink candy, […]

The Fifth Element

Doesn’t this jumpsuit remind you of the movie The Fifth Element? When I saw this, it immediately reminded me of the movie. I know Mila wears a similar outfit (?) in white, but I think it’s her orange hair that does it for me. Like the movie, this jumpsuit was out of this world amazing. I […]

Red Hot

Happy Monday Everyone! I’m feeling ready to start this week with energy, life and fire! Hence the red hot smoking jumpsuit. This is a stunning piece that is a guaranteed head-turner because I’m living proof of it. It fits amazingly, the V-neck is not too plunging, and the knot back, cut-out is really sexy! I […]

Leave It To Me

Hello again from Cancún! I thought I would take more photos, but it’s kind of difficult to take photos when you’re jet skiing, parasailing, or running a few miles on the beach. My bad, wish I could share these moments with you, but I don’t trust myself with my cell. I would probably end up […]

Magenta Agenda

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today’s look is one of my faves. As you know I love rompers, jumpsuits, and playsuits because the one-piece gives you an elongated, elegant look. I actually used to hate them because I didn’t understand the style of a “suit”, but I’m singing  a different song now. I’m all about them! Magenta […]

Top Gun

On March 20th, 2016 the Department of Regional planning established a brand new market for top the ninety nine percent of fashion bloggers. Its purpose was to create more locations for bloggers to take photos and to insure the handful of women their photos would be the best ones on Instagram. They succeeded. Today, the […]

Pipes à la plage

It’s a glorious Wednesday here in LA folks! It’s been 80 degrees and clear all week. We were supposed to have an El Niño storm, but apparently it came and went. Although we really need it to rain, I’m thankful for the sunny skies. I’m actually thankful for a lot of things these days. Simple […]

Suits by the Sea

Hey Lovely Muggles, I hope you’re having a great Wednesday! This week has been crazy so far, but I’m so blessed and thankful for you and I’m glad I have some time to share this look with you. OMG. I love jumpsuits! I could seriously live in them… seriously. (Although they are a pain to […]