Cupcakes and Cupcake

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe Christmas is less than a week away! I truly apologize for the late post. I get some vacay time for X-mas and will make it up to you! Also I’m driving to Oregon for Christmas so I hope to get some great travel shots in as well. 🙂   I […]

A Whole New World

Hi Everyone and Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe it’s the 9th of December already! I’ve been living in Los Angeles for four years now and I’m still discovering the beauty of this vast city. LA attracts a lot of people because it is the entertainment capital of the world! There is so much to do, […]

Seeing Red

Happy 7th Day of Advent! I cannot believe how fast the holidays are approaching. I hope you guys are all getting ready for all the parties, concerts, midnight services and many other fancy functions that I don’t know about! I have a concert this Sunday and I’m very excited to be singing some Christmas music. […]

Wear It Like A Man

Hi Everyone and Happy Day 3 of Advent! I just can’t wait for the holidays. My heart starts pounding when I think about the joy and beauty of Christmas. I hope you can take the time to find peace and joy this season. I love men’s clothing! I wish there were more bespoke suits, three […]


Happy December and Day One of Advent! The holidays can mean many different things to all of us. As much as I love family time, get-togethers, giving, traveling, parties, pretty holiday outfits, lights, concerts, warmth and hot drinks in pretty cups, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. This brings me the most joy out […]