Spotted Neon

Happy Monday! I’m currently at the PDX airport frantically finishing this blog post while eating cola Haribo gummies. Breakfast of champions right? As I mentioned in my previous post, my photog hubs purchased a new lens. It was exciting to take it on a test run, but with any new gadgets and gizmos a plenty, […]

Drink Moschino

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was good! Let’s do this, Monday. Let’s embrace the week. Grow, learn, love. Today I want to share this amazing Coca-Cola print dress from Moschino! Moschino is known to be a little over the top with their line. They’ve featured the Barbie collection, Super Mario Bros, McDonald’s, Spongebob, Looney Tunes, candy […]

Cherry on Top

Hey guys! I truly apologize for the late post. I’m usually on top about posting in the morning, but this weekend was crazy and I had to pick and choose my battles. I’ll be better about posting in the morning, lol. This dress is super cute yet feminine. I love the cherry print because it’s […]

Red Hot

Hello Hello! Happy happy Monday! Back to another week of awesomeness, learning, growing, and getting older. I hope you had a nice weekend! Since it was my birthday on Friday, I got to eat a lot of yummy food ( I usually don’t eat at night…) and hang out with friends. It was a very fulfilling […]

Cupcakes and Cupcake

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe Christmas is less than a week away! I truly apologize for the late post. I get some vacay time for X-mas and will make it up to you! Also I’m driving to Oregon for Christmas so I hope to get some great travel shots in as well. 🙂   I […]