On Edge

I feel like fashion is getting edgier and edgier. Designers are pushing the boundaries more and more each season with textures, materials, prints, designs, presentation, colors and star power. I think the most memorable boundary pusher this 2017 SS NYFW  was Rebecca Minkoff. She shut down Greene Street in Soho. On a Saturday morning. Wow. […]

Don’t Give A Ship

The sweater says it all! I don’t give a ship about what people think about these days. God created each and every one of us unique and different. You can try to conform to society and be someone you’re not, but at the end of the day, your true self will come out and you […]


Happy Friday!  I’m definitely ready to get out of town for the weekend. Because my trip to Philly was canceled abruptly last Friday, (for a friend’s wedding too!) I’ve been itching to leave LA. I’m headed to Crestline for the weekend to spend some much needed time with God, the hubs and nature. Totes diggin’ this tennis […]

Suits by the Sea

Hey Lovely Muggles, I hope you’re having a great Wednesday! This week has been crazy so far, but I’m so blessed and thankful for you and I’m glad I have some time to share this look with you. OMG. I love jumpsuits! I could seriously live in them… seriously. (Although they are a pain to […]

Casual Friday

It’s Friday Everyone! We made it to the end of the week. Yay! Since it’s Friday and we’re all exhausted, I’ll keep this post short. 🙂 I majored in Classical Voice/Opera. I just wanted to mix a little bit of music and fashion with this post. The records I pulled are actual roles I sang. […]