Summer’s End

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Alas, the day has come when all the kids (and teachers) go back to school, which means I go back to school. Not as a student, but as a professor. I wish I had waited more semester to go back to teaching, but I foolishly thought it would be ok leaving behind a 4 1/2 month old since it’s only two days a week. Reality check: It’s not ok and I’m counting down the weeks until school gets out. One down, 15 more to go!

Trying to find a balance between my professional life and mom life has been difficult, but I strive to embrace both every day because I am a working mom, even if it’s a part time working mom. I’m glad I had the summer to take time off to be a full time mom. It’s hard to go back to work, but I love teaching music! It’s time to say goodbye to short shorts, crop tops and flowy dresses and hello to slacks and blazers.

Are there any moms out there that have any advice on balancing work and family life?

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  1. Darya

    Hi dear,

    It’s really hard for me to balance family and career.
    I’m so inspired to read about your mommy life.

    And by the way, your little one is so cute!

  2. Awww going back to work is the hardest when your first is so little. I remember I got stressed and broke out in hives before I had to go back. I would rush home and try and spend every second with my son while working. There definitely is a fine balance to be found and it’s tough. But as all things, you find your way and appreciate the moments that you do have. Also, try to take weekends off and focus on spending quality family time. I know you will adjust soon! Sending you hugs mama! xoxo, Christine

    1. I’m totally like that too. I just want to rush home because I don’t want to miss a second with my baby. I hope I can find that balance soon. Thank you for your wise and seasoned words, Christine!

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