Pipes X Happy Socks

Socks are the most timeless gifts in the world. They never go out of style and like shoes, you can never have enough! When Happy Socks reached out to me, I was super stoked because I immediately thought of ways to incorporate my family into this shoot. We chose a silly banana theme because of all the fun colored banana socks and also because Everly had a teething banana toy handy.

Happy Socks 2
Happy Socks 3

Happy Socks has the most vibrant and creative variety of prints. Their prints consist of fruits, dots, stripes, abstracts, and flowers just to name a few. They also have many different types of socks such as no shows, ankle, crew and knee high. I love how the colors pop and catch your eye. Our family is going bananas for Happy Socks!
Happy Socks-1-2
Happy Socks-1

Mom, Dad and Everly’s socks


24 Responses

  1. Sheree

    These socks are too cute, the perfect family socks. Check out those yummy baby thighs!! Hahaha, I love that the “happy socks” really do brightens up your mood and make you feel happy.

    xo Sheree

    Liked by 1 person

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