Pipesnbaby X Eshakti

Sometimes it’s hard to feel confident about yourself when you’ve gained 20 pounds, have a growing belly and live in oversized clothes. I didn’t think I would be as glam as pregnant celebs like Chrissy Teigen, but I didn’t think I’d become a total hobo who wore the same thing everyday. No joke, folks. But, I didn’t want my circumstance to dictate how I felt was so when Eshakti reached out to me, I decided to embrace the now and style my new pregnant body with confidence.

JBK_3863This Dupioni shirt dress is easy to style and is perfect for every body type. The tea length adds an air of classiness and the color and print is just the right amount of subtle. I chose to add the sash even with my belly to add anything that resembled a silhouette. Even though I bought this dress a few sizes bigger than what I normally wear, I plan wearing it after my pregnancy.
JBK_3874Don’t let your circumstance determine the way you feel. If you don’t like something, change it. A lot of times it’s just a simple attitude change. Even though my body was changing in an uncomfortable, yet beautiful way to accommodate my baby, I decided to embrace the process of pregnancy and not be so self conscious about exterior, superficial things. So you can be expecting more big belly photos from me!

Dress: Eshakti

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  1. Erica Luczakowsky

    First off, love love LOVE the dress choice. I totally agree that lace is so versatile, and can truly lend its end to any occasion!
    Second, I’m the hugest fan of SHEIN. Love that they make fashion and trendy street wear so affordable and accessible!

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  2. Babe, you look so gorgeous in this color! I love it so much for you!!! the dress is truly lovely and really love how you styled everything!!! the belly is growing fast and it compliments you so well!!

    Happy weekend, babe! xx-Gina

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  3. Darya

    Hi girl,

    First of all, I’d like to point out that you are looking so good mommy.
    Love that a-silhouette blue dress. It’s just amazing.
    Also, thank you for these encouraging words! I always have to remind myself this.


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  4. I saw your first picture and immediately said, “Oh my goodness she’s so cute.” You look seriously darling in that dress and that sweet bump! I love this color on you! A class act dress for sure! Dupioni shirt dress is spot on and fits you so perfectly. I customized one of these dresses, goodness, three years ago or so and I adore that they are tailored to every woman! So stunning!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

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  5. Samjah

    This is a great post! We should embrace each stage of our lives and if we don’t like it then change it if it’s in our power. I’m glad you’re embracing every stage of your pregnancy with fashion. This dress is sooo cute! I look forward to more maternity fashion from you!

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  6. How sweet is this dress for your baby bump!! I like how you belt it above to show off that bump. I remember by the time I was due it was June, July and I wore a ton of tees and stretchy dresses so I don’t look like a walking tent. This dress looked flattering on you.

    xo Sheree

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  7. Girl you are literally glowing in that dress! And i love the message at the end about not letting your circumstances change how you feel! I bet a lot of newly pregnant women appreciate that and love that encouragement and support. I think we all need to remind ourselves that every now and then

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  8. Girl I know how you feel!! I struggled so much during my pregnancy to feel good when I weighed so much and looked like a potato haha! You look amazing though and hope pregnancy is treating you well lovely!!

    Helen xx

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  9. aww babe you look amazing in this blue dress!
    It shows off you cute belly and highlights your waist perfectly.
    I bet I would feel the same way if I was pregnant!
    But you really look amazing!
    I love when Pregnant women show their belly in tight dresses and tops.

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  10. You look amazing and this shirt dress perfectly accentuates your growing baby. What a chic way to style your bump and I love the belt to really show off your belly. While gaining a stomach is not the most flattering part of being pregnant, I actually liked wearing tighter dresses or tees to show off my bump rather than oversized and bulky pieces that would just make me look huge. This dress is a fabulous way to show off your bump and still look classy. xoxo, Christine

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