I don’t know about you but I’m gonna boycott maternity clothes for as long as I possibly can. I have nothing against it. It’s just a personal choice I’ve decided to make to save myself from unnecessary purchases I don’t plan on wearing long term. My mom bought me three maternity leggings so hopefully that will last me through April since it might get chilly for the next few months.
My pregnancy style thus far has been about comfort. I find oversized hoodies and sweater/shift dresses (a few sizes bigger) to be perfectly comfortable and appropriate. This is a men’s XL hoodie and I love the fit, length and style. You can pair it with OTK boots for an edgier look or just wear it with some sneakers. I’m trying not to wear heels since I’m really clumsy, but if I do, I try to opt for block heels that provide more stability and support. I’ll be able to wear all the cute shoes I’ve been stockpiling soon enough. Right now it’s all about the baby!
Hoodie: Adidas (in black) and similar here
Boots: Zara, similar here and here

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  1. Valeria

    I did exactly like you when I was pregnant, no maternity clothes lol. You look truly stunning Jen, more and more beautiful! Love, Valeria

  2. Ok, how cute are you in the sweatshirt dress and velvet OTK boots! You have to be the most adorable pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Congrats mama-to-be, I look forward to seeing how you style your bump over the coming months!


  3. Yes girl! Boycott them all the way! Well… until you need maternity jeans! They are the best and there are a ton of styles that are really current and you’d never know were maternity! I love your idea hear of styling with a big sweater and some over the knee boots! So sexy which can sometimes be much needed when you’re pregnant and feeling pregnant!

    Manda |

  4. Darya

    Wow Mommy! You are looking just gorgeous in this hoodie + velvet boots! I’ve never thought that it can look so COOL!


  5. I love that you’re styling your clothes in a new way for maternity. I think everyone is different and it’s awesome you’re showinf your style as being comfortable chic! I’d totally be the same way. Obsessed with those boots!

  6. Hey my friend! First off let me say congrats again on your upcoming bundle of joy! I am so happy for you! 2nd, SLAY. Literally you are looking happier than ever and you look amazing. Geez if I was a girl I’d love to rock this. Now I want to go buy an oversized mens hoodie and feel comfy, lol. I love your maternity look, its way more fun than a lot of others I have seen. Keep boycotting my friend and setting the bar for trends.

  7. WOW Babe you don’t even look pregnant and you looks so fabulous and stylish! You re going to be such a fashionable mom. I absolutely love those burgundy boots and you have the legs to work them out.


  8. Girl you honestly can’t tell that you’re pregnant!! I’m in my last three weeks now and the only thing I can wear is cotton dresses from Uniqlo! You should try get some for later in the pregnancy when your belly gets bigger and you want to show off the bump 😉

    Helen xx

    1. OMG I bet I have that same cotton dress from Uniqlo. I need 500 of them, hahaha. I don’t know if I wanna show off the bump hahaha. It doesn’t really look like a bump even as I approach month 7…

  9. Sheree Ho

    I love the sweater dress look. You look adorable! The velvet boots dress it up so cute! Love Love Love

    ~xo Sheree

  10. Samjah

    Oh I’m here for your pregnancy style!! It’s dope! This is a good idea to buy oversized men’s clothes while pregnant because you’ll definitely be able to wear them after the baby is here. Cute look!

  11. Hey Beautiful:)
    Wish you Happy 2018:)
    Obsessed with The Adidas Hoodie and that OTK boots…. Ohhhh so Chic:)
    You have Amazing Legs:)
    Love,Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Weekend for you:)

  12. So great that you are enjoying maternity and all the outfits babe! you look absolutely wonderful and I love oversized clothes, too! Have a lovely weekend, sending much love! xx. Gina

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