Peter Pan Polished

I have to admit that I wear workout gear 3 out of the 5 work days since I work with children with disabilities and I’m going to get sweaty anyway. When I teach my college class, I try to look business formal because I want the students to think I’m much older than them and not just a peer. I only dress up when I shoot, go out and when I go to church. I just like being comfortable. This Peter Pan collared, ruffle sleeve top gives the perfect polished look for days when I feel like dressing up. I wore this to church last week and received a lot of compliments! Do you like looking polished 24/7 or do you prefer the casual? Let me know your thoughts!






Top: Make Me Chic
Skirt: Express, similar here and here
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman


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  1. I really love this polished look on you. You look so feminine, classy and beautiful! I’m so glad you get to work with kids and I’m sure you are a guidance and help in so many ways! Keep being an inspiration!
    Blesssings forever xx

  2. this is such a cute look, i love blue and white anything and that little pouffy skirt makes this such an adorable set! I can definitely see myself in this, and I feel like such pretty colors just makes you feel brighter all day!

    xo candi

  3. You look so beautiful in this top! I really love the polished look of this Peter Pan collar on you and the outfit as a whole is gorgeous! I definitely prefer being more dressed up but because of my lifestyle I often wear pieces I love and dress them down for practicality and comfort.

  4. I actually like a mix of both, while preferring to be casual most of the time. It’s just a lot easier to dress down than to try to choose a look when dressing up. However, I don’t mind dressing up more sometimes. My fiancΓ© and I dresses up last night and we ended up looking so good…well I think so at least anyway haha!

  5. The thing is, I prefer both. I know you out of practical reasons need to dress a certain way, but one doesn’t stop the other and the days you don’t have anything limiting how you dress, just go all in like you did here!
    Thomas xx

  6. meg

    This is such a cute outfit! I love the shape and colors. I am one who dresses casual almost all of the time. Even when I have a girl’s night out, I’m usually the one wearing sneakers haha!

  7. My preference depends on the occasion. I like doing both but I lean more towards the comfortable side. I love this top you have on. It matches great with that skirt. It’s funny how us bloggers know style but life to dress down. Lol but hey, style is just that…style – no matter what you are wearing.

  8. Hi, sweetie! I adore this Peter Pan collared, ruffle sleeve. I think is very feminine and it does look so lovely on you. I also love the way you paired with the skirt and heels.

    Happy weekend! xx. Gina

  9. Ohhh Darling:)
    That Make Me Chic Top is so Pretty and Ohhh the White skirt So Adorable On you too:)
    My Favorite Look from you:)
    Love it sooo much:)
    Chic and Elegant:)

  10. I love how girlie and feminine this look is! The peter pan collar def adds a touch of youth and innocence and I ADORE those heels with embellishments. SW is my go-to for strappy sandals.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

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