When I wore this top to church, I must have offended an older lady in the choir. After rehearsal she pulled me aside and said I needed to pull the back of my top up. I was defensive at first because it was the end of rehearsal and I was going to leave anyway. Fashion can be offensive, but it’s ultimately an expression of self and there are potentially 7 billion who could be offended by the choices you make.


I personally didn’t feel that this top was inappropriate so I told her that rehearsal was over and that I was going to leave right after the announcements. I defended myself and politely (and firmly) told her that I was not going to pull my top up. Well, I didn’t say those exact words because I didn’t want to make unnecessary enemies, but I think it’s important to know when to stand your ground. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to defend your choices/actions?




Top: Make Me Chic
Shorts: Gap, similar here

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  1. zivanka

    So sorry to hear about that situation. It’s actually so unnecessary considering the rehearsal was over with. Honestly in those situations I ignore comments like that if they ever arise. Seems like this woman was having a bad day. :/ You look fabulous in that top and I don’t find it offensive at all!

    Sweet as Fiction xx

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  2. I’m in situations like that a lot, but I’ve learned to actually ignore them. Someone’s always going to be annoyed or even offended by what you do or wear and the best thing is just letting those people go and shrug your shoulders like “can’t even remember what that lady said”. Whatever her opinion was, I think the top is gorgeous and totally appropriate for church!
    Thomas xx

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  3. Coco

    Sadly there are people who need to judge because they have no other way of communicating! You look delightful and perfectly appropriate for choir. Love, Valeria

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  4. I love this top! The cut and color is perfect and def my style. I think people are often taken aback by what is different from what they are accustomed to, fashion included. The lady from your church must be very conservative and can’t bear with the idea that there were skin bared at the church and good for you to stand up for yourself.

    ~ xo Sheree

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  5. I adore this off the shoulders top on you! the stripes and colors are so pretty! great choice to paired it with shorts for summer. I’m sorry to hear about your experience at church. When I go to the temple, I always wear dresses I feel more comfortable.

    Happy weekend, sweetie!

    xx. Gina

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  6. This top is so cute, I don’t believe that it can hurt someone’s feelings, cuz it is very modest too.
    Old ladies can be annoying, because they can hardly get that world has changed, but who cares? You did the right thing by standing up for yourself!


  7. I always seem to be in a position to have to defend my choices and I’m tired of it! Old ET women are stuck in their beliefs and they have no leniency. One must have asked why I didn’t wear a slip to church and I told her I didn’t need one. Some people just have closed minds. But the top is cute by the way! Glad you stuck to your guns!

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  8. Old ladies are always offended in church; it’s so annoying lol. I just simply remember the reason I’m there, and it’s certainly not to care who’s offended or what anyone else likes. In other news, the blouse is gorgeous! Maybe it’s because I get fashion, but it’s not inappropriate at all πŸ™‚

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