My Furry Valentine

My new teaching job is really messing up my blogging schedule. Prep work is no joke. I really commend all the teachers and educators out there. I feel like there’s nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than giving back through teaching. That being said, things are finally settling down and I’m getting into the groove of teaching. On a side note, these pants are on major lazer repeat! Don’t you just love a good pair of pants that fit well? I seriously don’t want to take them off.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share an unconventional outfit with you that includes…wait fur it…faux fur! Fur instantly jazzes up your whole ensemble and makes you look really chic. You could wear the most casual, glamorous, outrageous, minimal, edgy outfit etc. and look even more ridiculously chic with faux fur. So ladies and gents, throw on some fur and rock your Valentine’s Day look!





Fur jacket: Choies

Pants: Uniqlo

Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff, similar here and here

Shoes: Cathy Jean (old), similar here and here


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  1. Dom

    Hello Jen! I’m so sorry I’m just coming to your blog. First of all I missed your posts! I’m glad your teaching job is going great. I already know you are one amazing teacher. I’m glad you found a way to balance being a teacher and running your amazing blog. I love the fur and I love those pants. I’m pretty sure you walk into your school and slay all your students with your amazing style! You always deserve a standing o my friend. Expect more comments from me, I’ll be catching up with your blog.
    Take care my friend.

  2. The jacket is so perfect but you’re right, those pants really do have a great fit! Im so happy you like them because I adore the color and the fit of them!
    Such a cool outfit! Goodluck on the teaching job girl

  3. Teaching is the most rewarding job I think. But it’s an commitment and I’m so imprest that you have this job and still blog. THANKS FOR BEING A TEACHER. I’m still studing and blogging and that sometimes hard to do, but I love it as I can imagine you are too. Love the fur coat very classy, X Charissa

  4. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve grown up with a mom who started out as a teacher, went on to being the headmaster and now she’s the director of some education thingie (it’s good I know what my mom works with, haha) so I know how much work it is and really have to emphasize that you’re doing a great job! It might seem overwhelming, but hang in there!
    I also love your furry Valentine’s look!

  5. These trousers are such a perfect fit and I love the length of them. I totally agree that a fur jacket instantly glams up a look and this one is so pretty with the white and grey fur together. A very chic look for Valentine’s Day. Sorry to hear that teaching has been hard to balance with blogging. I am sure you will soon find a routine that works for you. xoxo, Christine

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