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The weather here in LA has been very unpredictable. It was pouring all last week, but was very warm and sunny this week. Since I don’t know what to expect for the coming weeks, I’m just going to be prepared for the worst. These UR Powered Touchscreen leather gloves are making it on the list of necessities because I need to be plugged in, rain or shine!
I love these leather gloves because they’re supple, stylish and most importantly practical. The leather is of high quality and is soft to the touch. I wish you could feel them! The richness of the red does not fail to deliver a bold statement. And finally, let’s talk about the practicality of these UR Powered Touchscreen gloves. They’re perfect for checking emails and Instagram, writing blog posts, and simply browsing the web. The gloves grip the screen very well and keep your fingers warm too! You can also wear these to simply keep you hands warm. I highly suggest purchasing a pair of these especially for the colder winter months!

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  1. Coco

    First of all I need those gloves!!!! And Jen I’m so in love with your style! This elegant suit with the red details and that killer bag is a total blast!! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  2. Dom

    Omg the weather has been cray cray all over this state huh Jen? Its currently raining here in San Fran. Anyways enough about the bipolar weather… I LOVE your gloves. These are so cool! As soon as I saw the close up of them I had nothing but amazing things to say. Also, I love your whole outfit! I think you look so fab as always, my friend. Eagerly awaiting your next post.
    Stay cool, or dry, or whatever the weather may be this week, lol.


  3. I love these bold red gloves against the muted greys of your outfit. How cool are those that they can be worn to protect your hands and also use to touch your phone? I literally can’t even take my hands out to text when the weather is cold so these are a must. Thanks for sharing these functional and chic gloves! XOXO, Christine

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