Pipes X Rainforest Sunglasses

You can never have too many sunglasses in LA. It’s pretty much always sunny here and I swear today was 80 degrees. Because of that, I never leave the house without a pair of sunnies. These Rainforest Sunglasses are the perfect pair for me because they’re light weight, sustainable, polarized, comfortable and chic!


This Rainforest Sunglass (Understory Fire) frame is made of bamboo. Bamboo is very sustainable and I like sustainable. Did you know bamboo absorbs CO2, prevents soil erosion, and requires no chemicals/pesticides/fertilizer to grow? I was sold right there. It’s probably the Oregonian in me, but I’m a sucker for sustainable products! I also love the vibrant color of the mirrored, scratch resistant polarized lenses. They fit very well on my face and come in a hard wooden box, just in case you carry your whole life in your purse like I do. Rainforest Sunglasses also donates a portion of each sale to rainforest/wildlife conservation. How amazing is that?


These Understory Fire sunnies has vintage vibes with a dash of urban flare. The interchanging boldness of the reds, pinks, and yellows are a major throwback to the 80s and 90s. The round lenses are timeless and the simplicity of the design speaks for itself. If you are a lover of sunnies and sustainability, Rainforest Sunglasses are for you!

Sunglasses: Understory Fire

You can use my code PnB for 10% off your purchase.Β 

This post was sponsored by Rainforest Sunglasses. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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