Boxing Day

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Today is Boxing Day, but what the heck is Boxing Day? As much as I wanted it to be about the actual sport, it’s not. There are many versions and interpretations about Β BD. One of the interpretations said it dated back to the Victorian era where employers would give their staff/ servants a box of Christmas goodies filled with leftovers and gifts. They were also allowed the day off to visit their own families.

Another interpretation of Boxing Day stated that the tradition began with the churches in the Middle Ages. All the alms and donations would be collected in boxes and distributed to the poor the day after Christmas. Some say that Boxing Day is in honor of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Whatever it means (or doesn’t) mean to you, I think it’s a good gesture and a continuation of the Christmas spirit. Speaking of continuation, I wanted to share our Christmas photoshoot. Silly, weird, stupid and fun are the adjectives that describe our family the best!

Starting off with a “normal” one.





My mom made this candy cane wreath!

Top: Talula, similar here

Skirt: Choies




60 Responses

  1. Dom

    First off, Your family photo is adorable and beautiful Jen. Also, thank you for the definition of boxing day, cause I had no clue what I was wishing people when I said “Happy Boxing Day”, lol. Lastly, I love that wreath your mom made, its so pretty! Another great post Jen!

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  2. thomasfalkenstedt

    I’ve been wondering about the origin of the word as well, so I’m glad you helped me out there, or rather, you didn’t, haha, but you gave me a few more options to choose from πŸ™‚
    I’ve seen your pictures on IG and I totally love these fun family pictures as they are so much fun!

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