Pumpkin Spice

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Well in my case, pumpkin spice anything. Have you ever received a package while shopping online only to find that it looked nothing like the photos online? Well, that’s the current case of today’s mysterious pumpkin spiced duster. The photos and description specifically said brown duster, but when I received this duster, it was clearly much lighter than any shade of brown I’d ever seen.



I didn’t really know how to style this at first because I usually don’t wear orange (my least favorite color!). I finally decided on something neutral and classic because black and white pairs well with <almost> everything. I added a statement and statement shoes to add a few details to the final look. Have you ever received something in the mail that looked nothing like the photos online?



Duster: Make Me Chic

Sweater: Express, similar here

Pants: Forever 21, similar here

Shoes: B Brian Atwood


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  1. Dom

    Jen, Wow! I love this color on you. I love the way this look is styled and I love the lighting in these shots. Another perfect post my friend.

  2. Wow now that’s something. I love how you brushed it off and styled it beautifully although the color was different than expected. It looks amazing. Definitely a keeper

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