A Lot of Red & A Hint of Gold

We’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving! You know what that means…FOOD! That and more Joy, Peace, and Gratitude in the world. I feel like everyone’s spirit is lifted and people are unusually cheery when the holidays roll around. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of giving and receiving gifts, a time of relaxation, yummy meals, family gatherings and the arrival of a new year. It’s definitely all of the above for me.



Silver and gold? Love the song but, I’m going to have to remake that song and title it Red and Gold because these colors pair very well together and are perfect for the holidays. You can accessorize with just the gold like I did, or you can really incorporate both bold colors equally into your outfit. (This post is coming soon!) Fun fact #1: This is not a 2 piece set. A few people on Instagram were commenting on that, but I just wanted to clarify here. What can I say, I like my monochromatic looks! Fun fact #2: I’m gonna wear crop tops all year round. I don’t care if I have quadruple layer up with fuzzy coats and Northface jackets. I’ll do it. #fortheloveofcroptops

I wore the choker over the turtleneck for a change. Gotta get my gold chain in there in some way, shape or form.


Top: Sunday Best (old), similar here and here

Skirt: Madewell

Shoes: Nina, similar here and here

Choker: Forever 21, similar here and here

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  1. thomasfalkenstedt

    So it’s not a two piece set? I might have been one of those people guilty on Instagram, but seeing it up close I understand it’s not. My bad, haha!
    However you look stunning in it and especially as the season’s getting nearer and nearer red and gold is certainly an incredible combination!

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