And The Winner Is…

This LWD! ย I don’t really want to talk about the election since everyone is probably sick of all the FB/social media rants, but I’m a person who likes to think that there is a positive to every negative (at least I really try to!). Things happen for a reason and it’s your attitude and perspective that plays a bigger role more that the circumstance.


I wasn’t a fan of either candidates, but I really wasn’t expecting Trump to win. No matter what happens in the coming months and years, I just want America to be united and stronger that they’ve ever been before. I want this experience to educate, unite and strengthen us as Americans.


If I was the First Lady, I would definitely wear this dress. It’s demure, respectable, flattering and chic. The color white represents a new beginning, light, goodness, possibility, innocence and purity. Let’s go out and be the light of our nation. Happy Wednesday everyone.

Dress: Badgley Mischka, similar here and here

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Bag: Louis Vuitton (old)

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