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Do you like yellow teeth? Didn’t think so. No one does! That’s why I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to bring you a convenient home teeth whitening system that’s very easy to use. This is actually perfect timing because I’ve been thinking about whitening my teeth. I’ve always been a little tentative about going to get this procedure done at the dentist and I also work 2 full time jobs and many part time jobs so time is also a factor. With Smile Brilliant, I can whiten my teeth at home!

This whole process is super easy. First, you need to make an impression of your top and bottom teeth so they can send you your custom trays. You ship the molds out in a prepaid envelope provided by Smile Brilliant and wait 3-4 days to get your custom trays!


Now let’s get started! You only need to brush your teeth with water before applying the whitening gel. Make sure you dry your teeth as best as you can after you brush them. Take the custom trays and inject an even layer of the whitening gel onto the tray. Don’t use too much because each syringe should last 3-4 whitening sessions.

No need to fear, Dr. Pipes is here to administer your whitening gel.



Insert the tray onto your teeth for 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your sensitivity. I started with 45 minutes, then an hour and now I leave them on for roughly 1.5 hours.


I love Smile Brilliant‘s home whitening system because I can work/get things done around the house and not sit around at the dentist.  Here are some things I do #whileiwhiten


#whileiwhiten I meal prep. I always pack my lunches because it saves time. I actually don’t take a lunch break because I just want to be at work for 8 hours and not 9 so I eat while I work. So it’s important that I have food with me everyday!


#whileiwhiten I work out! I can never get too much of a tricep workout. I also do lunges, planks and squats.


#whileiwhiten I pick out my outfits for the blog. Since I post 3x a week, I’m constantly in need of new/innovative outfit pairings.


#whileiwhiten I study my music. Despite my size, I’m an opera singer. I’ve been in many opera productions and have also been reviewed by Los Angeles Times and Aspen Times. I’m singing the soprano solo for Beethoven’s 9th symphony so I’m currently studying that.

After 45 minutes, take the trays out of your mouth and brush your teeth regularly with toothpaste. Make sure you clean and dry the trays because you will need it for the desensitizing gel. The procedure and application is the same as the whitening gel. You just leave it in for 15-20 minutes.

How simple is that? Smile Brilliant has many packages starting at $129. The average whitening session at a dentist’s office costs $600+. You also have to drive there, find parking and wait mindlessly while you whiten, but with this kit, you can save time and get things done like I did! You can also use my code PIPESNBUTTONS5 to get 5% off your first kit!

Here is a youtube testimonial from another user who has gotten great results!

If you’re concerned about sensitive teeth, there is a great article here with a lot of great information.


Here is my before shot. I’ll give an update in about 2 weeks!

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  1. I just got my molds back and am getting ready to whiten my teeth as well ! Love how you showed all the ways you fit those 45 minutes into your day ! Can’t wait to see your results ! Your pics are great too !

  2. thenewgirldar

    I wanna try them on but I have veeners so i dont know if they works. you have a great smile already, making it extra more perfect


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