Pipes X Mejuri

Today I’ll be sharing my collaboration with Mejuri!

When I first received these earrings, I could tell they were different. Everything from the packaging, to the boxing and quality of earrings blew me away. There was great precision, thoughtfulness and care in everything they sent me. When I took the earrings out of the box, I immediately felt and saw the difference in quality. Each Mejuri piece is handcrafted and made with ethical practices and it’s very evident in their product. I could tell these earrings were not your average run of the mill, mass manufactured earrings because they had weight, substance and quality.



These Solstice Earrings are handcrafted with 18K gold vermeil on sterling silver. I love the star design and size of the earrings because it’s not too bulky or fragile. I do love simple studded earrings, but these have just enough detail and edge to be worn everyday.


If you want quality, ready to wear accessories that are handcrafted, made with ethical practices and unique in design, I highly suggest you check out Mejuri because this company delivers on all of the above.

Mejuri Solstice Earrings

I want to thank Mejuri for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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