If I Were A Boy

This past weekend was a rough one. My cousin lost his battle with liver cancer and passed away last night. My mom and grandma flew down from Oregon on Friday, only to see him take his last breath yesterday night at 9:05pm. I’ve never seen anyone die right in front of me, but now I can say that I have. I dedicate this post to all the families and loved ones who lost someone to cancer.


I didn’t plan on dedicating this post to my cousin, but somehow it worked out because this week we’re talking about all things menswear inspired. I love mixing, matching and borrowing from the boys. I secretly peruse through the men’s section of a department store pretending to shop for the hubs while finding pieces that both he and I can wear.

The only “menswear” pieces that I have on are the suspenders and watch, but the oxford button up, tailored trousers and aviators are all pieces that were originally worn and designed for men to wear.



The hubs made this watch from scratch. He actually wanted to be a watchmaker and was really into watches. #proudwife


There’s nothing sleek and cleaner than a monochrome look. I didn’t choose blue because blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Blue is just what I had in my closet, but it also kinda works with the outfit. I added blue suede heels, a choker and a few accessories to add a few feminine touches to finish this menswear inspired look.

Top: Forever 21, similar here and here

Pants: J. Crew

Suspenders: Metro Park (old), similar here

Shoes: Charles David, similar here and here

In memory of my cuz, Phil 


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  1. Rosa

    I’m sorry for your loss… especially in such a similar way so close to the 3rd anniversary of Zach’s dad passing away from cancer as well, minutes after my mom and dad drove down from Oregon to California meeting him for the first and sadly the last time, at least here on earth.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Jen. Cancer sucks. On a bright note, you look great in this monochrome blue menswear inspired outfit. How cool is it that your hubby made that watch though! Wow.

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