Denim Daze Pt 2: How To Dress Like A J. Crew Model

Welcome to the second day of Denim Week! Today I’m going show you how you can dress like a J. Crew model. J. Crew has a very distinct brand and image that be easily identified. When I walk into a J. Crew store, their brand and theme is very consistent. Their catalogs are always innovative and full of bold prints, colors, patterns, materials and textures.


Today I’m going to be sharing 4 tips on how you can dress like a J. Crew model! Straight out of the catalog. 😉

1. Shall We Chambray?

“Denim is timeless and never goes out of style.” I feel like I can say that statement with confidence and conviction no matter who asks me. Since this week is denim week, I would urge you to invest in a good quality chambray because you can pair this with more denim, a skirt, a maxi, a gown (yes, you can)… pretty much anything! It’s effortless and pairs well with anything!


2. Go For Bold

J. Crew is always bold about their patterns, prints, materials, and textures, but they really push the boundaries in terms of colors. They love their bold, bright colors and you can always tell by flipping through their catalog. If you don’t like wearing bold colors, try incorporating them in your shoes and accessories. This bold cobalt pump is just enough color to make the outfit pop and complements the soft colors.


3. Blocks of Color

J. Crew has really mastered the art of color blocking and they make it look so good, easy and natural! I used to be hesitant about color blocking because I was afraid certain colors wouldn’t jive together, but I feel like you can’t go wrong with color blocking.  You just have to be confident with your color choices. I played around with pink and blue today because I like those colors and think they pair well together. #boysvsgirls


4. Make A Statement

When in doubt, make a statement by adding J. Crew statement jewelry. J. Crew statement jewelry never shy or ordinary. It’s also one of those items you can immediately recognize as J. Crew. I love throwing a chunky statement necklace on to complete my outfit because it bedazzles, polishes and dresses up your look!


So there it is! I hope to see you walking around, dressed up like a J. Crew model when I meet you!

Top: Express, similar here and here

Skirt: J. Crew, similar here and here

Necklace: J. Crew, similar here , here , and here

Shoes: Charles David, similar here and here

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