5 Fall Faves

Fall is officially here, yay! But it seems like the weather isn’t cooling down for anyone just quite yet. Well in case it does cool down, I’m going to share my top 5 Fall Faves with you so you can look uber chic!


1. Real or Fake, I’ll Take It

No, not a knock off handbag. A leather jacket of course! Since fall/winter brings cooler weather, a leather/pleather jacket is a must! You can add layer upon layer and throw a leather jacket over the multiple layers. Awesome, right? I know real leather jackets can get pretty pricey, but I’m a firm believer of “You get what you pay for”. I have five (one suede) real leather jackets and two pleather jackets. Real leather is hands down so much better in quality and durability.

_mg_35632. Leather Legs

Fall and winter brings out jeggings and leggings of all kinds, especially the leather leggings. These super shiny, sleek bottoms are a must because they’re so versatile and stylish. You can dress them up with heels for a night out, wear them with some OTK boots and a cute sweater, or wear them under a dress or skirt to keep your legs extra warm.


3. Never Out of Print

I feel like prints never go out of style. There’s always a print for someone. Since fall is all about being bold, you can experiment with some fun prints this season! You can wear printed sweaters, button ups, tops, pants (my fave!), and accessories.


4. Lace Me Up

Lace up heels are so sexy, dressy, chic, and IN! Your whole outfit could be casual, but as soon as you put on your lace up heels, BAM, you’re ready to paint the town. I personally like the zipper back, but I don’t mind lacing up a good pair of pumps if they’re worth it because I’m a total sucker for shoes. They’re by far the most favorite item I put on my body. I know some girls are into handbags, others jewelry and accessories, but I’m a shoeaholic. I will pour a lot of dough into my shoe collection because I know a good shoe will take your outfit to the next level!


5. World of Color

Fall brings out all the jewel tones, warm hues and bold darks, but what about the bright pops of neon and soft pastels? Those are colors too, ya know so don’t hate or discriminate on these colors, yo, incorporate! I always find it more interesting and memorable when people find clever ways to incorporate “summer” colors in fall and winter season. Play around with your colors, there’s not wrong combo!


Jacket: Bar III, similar here

Top: Forever 21 (old)

Leggings: Express, similar here

Heels: Banana Republic, similar here


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