Paper bag Pipes

I didn’t even know what a paper bag waist was until now. I love when the fashion industry comes up with cute and unique names that resemble real life objects. The paper bag waist is by far my favorite!


Just in case  you didn’t understand what a paper bag waist was, it’s the ruffling fabric at the top of the pants. Doesn’t it look like a cinched brown paper bag when you brought cold lunch to school? I was definitely enlightened.


I’m diggin’ the ‘sporty meets chic’ look a whole lot as I mentioned before. I love how these pants can be dressed up or down. I obviously decided to dress them down with a longer sporty bralette and the newest member of my shoe collection: The Superstar. These pants were perfect for this sporty look because the paper bag waist added an additional inch or two of midriff covering fabric. I wear a lot of crop tops because it covers just the right amount of belly. Fun fact: I don’t ever wear bikinis to the beach or pool because A.) I don’t want to get darker than I am and  B.) I’m really self conscious about my belly. I do love high waisted pants and crop tops though. 🙂


The tie waist adds and extra factor of cuteness and the long pockets are a great addition as well.



If you want a pair of light weight pants that cover your pooch, these ones are the ones you want to get! Let’s face it girls, we all have our poochy days.

I want to thank Make Me Chic once again for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Top: Victoria’s Secret, similar herehere  and here

Bottom: Make Me Chic

Shoes: Adidas

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