It’s Always Sunny In California

Since NYFW is over, I thought it would be a little silly to post an edgy Fashion Week inspired post so I’ll talk about the weather instead. Seriously though, where my seasons at? Although I love the year-round sunshine here in LA, I long for cooler fall weather so that I can get a fancy overpriced seasonal latte, bundle up in multiple layers and wear some awesome OTK boots. It seems a bit silly to be blogging about such a summery outfit, but what can I say? It’s not quite fall here yet.


The Micheltorena steps are just as famous as the pink wall for SoCal bloggers. Everyone has or will probably shoot here at least once in their blogging career. It’s kind of a rite of passage. The steps are really beautiful so I encourage everyone to take photos here!


Since the backdrop was really colorful, I opted for more of a neutral outfit. Since I’m such a crop top aficionado, when I saw this spaghetti strap crop top, I drooled, put it in my cart and purchased it along with all the other colors in came in (which was only one). The linen culottes were also love at first sight and I knew it would pair well with the cream crop. They’re light weight, high-waisted and wide-legged. A perfect combo in my book.


I’ve been wanting to blog these booties since I bought them 6 months-year ago  and I FINALLY found the right outfit to pair them with! #loveitwhenthathappens



Yes, because these shoes are amazingly magical!


Love this ring from Rocksbox.



Top: Abercrombie (sold out), similar here and here

Bottom: Abercrombie (sold out), similar here and here

Shoes: Alexa Wagner (sold out)

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