Professor Pipes

School always used to start the day after Labor Day. Although I’m not a professor, I am a teacher. A voice teacher. I may never dress like this when I teach lessons, but this look was definitely inspired by the new school year and all my professors out there. Here’s to geek chic!


I took some of the stereotypical pieces a professor might wear and added a bit of my own flair. First off, I wore a suede wrap skirt with huge slit in the middle. Already a no-no for a school look, but I have to add my crazy edginess somewhere! I took the typical flannel in a burgundy/wine color that’s perfect for fall and added glasses to stay consistent with the geek chic theme.



Do you like my bow tie? It’s actually made of bamboo! It’s from a company called Bambowtie. You can’t purchase it because it was a prototype, but isn’t it cool? Finally, I had to add some street style by adding a snapback hat and Superstars. I’m really loving Adidas these days and I don’t know why I just discovered it now and not sooner. So bummed… Hope you liked my professor inspired geek chic look! Have a great school year!




Flannel: Abercrombie & Fitch, similar styles here

Skirt: ASOS

Bow tie: Bambowtie

Hat: La Notte (old)

Shoes: Adidas

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