The 70s Report

Hello guys! I’m back from a little vacay from home (PDX). I went to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. 60 is a huge birthday in our culture because people didn’t live past 60 back in the day so it was definitely a weekend long celebration.


I want to share 5 of my favorite 70s trends that are taking the fashion scene by storm this season.


1. Colors of the Earth 

You don’t have to associate the 70s with shaggy rugs, brown colors and peace signs. You can bring the 70s alive by pairing a bold earthy color with a neutral. I’m totally in love with this mustard! I paired it with a neutral black skirt, but you could also pair it with navy blue, white, tan, olive or a dark red.


2. Chunky Thick Block

It all means the same thing in terms of the heel. Not only does a chunky heel add more stability, it’s super IN right now! Woot woot! I love my stilettos too but the block heels are really fun and I’ve seen a ton of decorated heels this season. I’ve seen some that are lucite (like the ones I’m wearing), lucite with decorations embedded inside, gold tone, bejeweled, glittered, have art and writing on it, etc.


3. Fringetastic 

OMG whoever invented fringe is a genius. Or maybe it wasn’t invented and kinda happened by accident? Who cares! It’s one of those love or hate fashion pieces, but I’m a lover now. (I have to admit I was a hater at first…), a total convert. I love everything from fringe bags to shoes to skirts and tops.


4. A-Line

For a straight and narrow boyish body like mine, the fitted A-Line skirt is amazing because it gives you the illusion that you have curves. I love the ones with the button detail because it adds depth to the skirt. I’ve seen all sorts of A-Line skirts that are all different styles and materials too. I love the suede, patchwork, jean, zipper detail, and scalloped hem just to name a few.


5. Bell of the Ball 

Ding dong! The bell is ringing because anything bell and flare is so my style and the bigger the sleeves or flare, the better. I played around with both of these in my previous post. I love the bell bottom jumpsuits a lot too. If you want to try anything bell or flare, now is the season to experiment! When you wear bells or flares, you get that elongated figure which is always a plus for me!



Top: Madewell

Necklace: Madewell

Skirt: ASOS

Shoes: ASOS

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