Hi guys! Today I want to share 5 ways you can incorporate more CAMO into your fall wardrobe.


1. Pantalonesland 

I’m seeing a copious amount of camo these days on Instagram, magazines, blogs and the web. It’s definitely one of the cooler looks borrowed from the boys. Most people wear a camo top or jacket, but not a lot of gals venture into Pantalonesland. I wore these fitted camo jeans with a white tank to keep the look simple. I paired this with a B&W heel and was good to go! You could also pair these jeans with a (p)leather top, monochrome camo top, black/white/gray sweater, jean jacket, blazer (see previous post), leather jacket and/or a hoodie. The possibilities are endless and just throw on a pair of heels to dress them up or sneaks to dress them down!


2. Tank or Top

I don’t own any camo tops, but I’ve seen so many cute pairings everywhere! My favorite pairings have been with joggers, skirts, jeans, and anything leather! Denim, fur, destroyed jeans, leather, grays, whites, olive, navy blue and blacks also pair really well with a camo top.


3. Accents

If you’re not really comfortable wearing huge amounts of camo, you can start small with camo accents. Men’s clothing really owns the accenting. I’ve seen a plain white tee with a camo pocket, a camo lapel on a jean jacket, camo trimming, and camo shoulder patches just to name a few. You can also incorporate bits of camo with a scarf, neck scarf, cap, clutch, handbag, and heels!


4. Jackets

Camo jackets are so in!! I’m in love the longer utility jackets because you can pair that with anything! I love seeing it worn with a dress and a cognac belt over the dress. So chic! You can also wear the jacket with shorts, jeans (esp destroyed), a skirt or an oversized shirt! Need to get a camo utility jacket right now!


5. Camo and Buttons

Since I love mixing street with chic, why not pair camo with a sleek white button up with a popped collar? Or a button up with a sweater and a statement necklace? Don’t be afraid to mix and match camo with more feminine/classic pieces because that’s what makes things more interesting. Since camo is masculine, it needs something radical and soft to balance the bold print.

Camo pants: Hudson, similar here and here 

Top: Aritzia (old)

Shoes: Vince Camuto, similar here

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