Hint of Mint


Happy Friday! Today I’m going to be sharing 3 color palettes that pair well with mint. I have to be honest, I think this outfit is the only mint I own (ok, I have one more shirt, lol). I’ve never blogged this color because I found it very difficult to pair. I didn’t want to give up and write this color off so I challenged myself to pair mint a couple different ways. I finally chose this outfit as one option, but I’m here to let you know how you can style mint with three different color palettes!


1. Lights

You can style mint with light colors such as white, nude, gray, taupe, tan, silver, blush, and gold just to name a few light colors. As you can see here, I chose to pair mint with a white skirt. I actually really like mint with gray! I’m going to have to try that soon.

2. Pastels 

Since mint is part of the pastel family, it really pairs well with other pastels. Think baby pinks, blues, purples and oranges. It’s like Easter all year round! The colors are so soft and brings youthfulness and innocence to your look when paired with other pastels.

3. Darks

Winter is coming people. But, fret not because I know nothing about that living here in Southern California. (GOT anyone? Haven’t watched the new season yet, so I’m a little behind…) Mint can also be worn all year round too! You can pair it with a sleek black leather skirt, high-waisted navy blue pants or an olive jogger. Break the rules and the norm by wearing a “summer” color in winter!




Mint top: Express ($8!), similar here

Skirt: Express, similar here

Shoes: Banana Republic (sold out), lots of similar options here

Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff, similar here

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