How to Grow Your Instagram E-Course Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing an E-Course from Blush and Camo’s Julianna Claire. It has a lot of awesome tools and tips for fashion bloggers new and established. I totally wish I had this before I started my blog, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to read through all the great material now because it’s helped me organize and better my blog and Instagram so much!

I’m going to share two points that helped me the most from the E-Course.

1. Theme, theme, theme! Julianna really drives this point home because it is the bread, butter and bulk of your blog! You need to know what brand/image you want to portray to your readers. I love that she has worksheets to help you organize your theme. I struggled with this and to be honest, I still think I do because I love so many different styles of fashion.

In these six photos alone I have (from top left to right): Girly, classy, edgy, chic, fun and silly! My brand and image was all over the place. The E-Course helped me organize my blog to find a theme and keep my brand consistent. I created a brand statement to help me stay true and focused on my theme.

2. Posting Goals When I first started my blog and Instagram, I didn’t have a set posting schedule for either. I tried to blog whenever I had time, but when I got too “busy”, sometimes blogging turned out to be a once a week thing. Now I make a commitment to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday no matter what. I also post an outfit/music video on Instagram the day I post on my blog. That part is pretty consistent. The part that I still struggle with is the Tuesday/Thursday Instagram post and the weekends. I really loved Julianna’s Posting Goal worksheet because filling it out really helped me organize my posts and it made me accountable to a posting schedule.


The top two photos are two of the first shots I ever posted on my blog and the bottom two are more recent shots. Can you tell how far I’ve come? I still have a lot of work to do, but this course has helped me so much already! Can’t wait to implement more of Julianna’s cool tips!

I don’t want to give away too much of the E-Course because you should see it for yourself. Sometimes you need to invest a little $$ to help you gain access and tools to valuable information that can help you grow your brand, blog and business!  The E-Course relaunches August 19th so be sure to check out Blush and Camo for more information!

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