Black, White and Blazer How to Style a Blazer 5 Ways

_MG_0669 We all know that a blazer takes your outfit to another level and instantly ups the chic factor. Since fall is just around the corner (not here, it’s still too hot!), I’m going to be sharing 5 ways to style different types and lengths of blazers.


1. Crop It Like It’s Hot

Seriously. It’s hot here during the day, but it gets cooler at night so I like to throw a blazer over my crop top when going out. A blazer also instantly dresses up your casual look without much effort at all! I took a white blazer and threw it over my black crop top and pleather leggings. I love black and white so much because it’s such a classic, effortlessly chic look that looks good on anyone!



2. Here’s the Skinny

You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans. It’s chic and to the point! I like to wear a long blazer (regular blazer is just fine too!) with my skinny jeans. I love that you can mix and match any color combination with the blazer and top. I would personally keep the colors neutral and go to town on the accessories (statement necklace anyone?). Here’s a similar look that  I previously blogged with white skinny jeans.


3. Up Top

Y’all know how much I love high waisted pants. High waisted pants will give the illusion that your legs are super long. I would pair a cropped blazer with anything high waisted to keep that illusion going. It’s all about angles and proportions. Take advantage of these pieces so that you can elongate your legs! #legsfordays


4. No Sleeves, No Problem!

I love sleeveless blazers because there is so much room and creativity for layering and we know that fall/winter is all about those layers! Sometimes I use thicker sleeveless blazers (or long vests) as outerwear. You can wear them over a turtleneck, button up, or even both! The more layers the better right? You can see a similar version that I blogged here.


5. Over My One Piece

I previously blogged where I threw a blazer over my jumpsuit. It’s so simple! Seriously, go try it now! You can also throw a blazer over a fun dress and even a gown! How cool would that be? Blazers don’t have to be strictly worn as business professional attire. You can totally style them with anything to take your outfits to another level.


Blazer: H&M, similar here
Leggings: Forever 21, similar here
Shoes: Louise et Cie

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