Down By The Floral Gardens

Down by the floral gardens my love and I did meet. Haha, not really but do you guys know that folk song “Down By The Salley Gardens”? It’s a beautiful Irish folk song by poet William B. Yeats. I think it was one of the first songs I learned when I first started voice lessons. As I was sifting through these photos, it reminded me of that song and I have to say, it was kind of a nostalgic moment.

Anyway, I’m really grateful to the owner of this house because he/she provided the perfect backdrop to this cute floral print dress. Summer is all about florals and fun prints. Although this dress is a little more dressy and fitted than your average summer maxi, I still consider perfect for summer! I love how the flower print differs on each of the three tiers. Most dresses are the same print all over, but this one isn’t. I think that’s what makes is so unique! Here are 4 of my favorite summer prints to wear:

  1. Florals-You can never go wrong and there are so many types of floral prints to choose from!
  2. Animals-Not animal print, but actual animals like elephants, dogs, cats, sloths (don’t think I’ve ever seen one, but would totally buy it), giraffes, zebra, etc.
  3. Food-I love seeing all the different variations of pineapple print on Instagram. I’ve also seen watermelon, popsicle, macaroon, lemon, donut, sushi etc prints that are awesome!
  4. Emoji-Need I say more? I use hundreds of emojis a day so why not wear some while I’m at it.






Dress: Red Valentino 

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman 

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