All Over It

I’m all over these overalls this summer! I decided to re-blog (I know, so taboo in our consumer world) these overalls and style them a little more casually. I actually might blog them a third time, but make the look really high fashion or straight up street style. Hmm, getting lots of ideas as I write. Anyways,  I just wanted to keep it simple today with white sneaks and a white tee because I wanted the accessories to do the talking. Since neck scarves are kind of my new thang right now, I had to wear it! Mirrored sunnies are always a go because they add dimension and depth to the outfit. I think it has to do with the reflection, but I’m nooo scientist. Have a great weekend!!



Don’t know why there’s a butt shot. I apologize…




Overalls: Madewell, many selections here

Top: Abercrombie, similar here

Sneaks: Adidas

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  1. Oooooh!! Cute!!! I’ve been wanting a pair of overalls too! I would have to get the skinny leg version though. My short legs wouldn’t let me be great in these. Lol. I loooooove how they look on you though. Obsessed with this look. xo

    1. I want the skinny ones too!! But you can always wear heels with any flare bottoms! It can actually makes you look taller if you let the hem drag a little past the heels. 😀

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