Skinny Coffee Club

Omg, I apologize for posting later than usual but I’ve been super sick all day with the stomach flu… Like can’t go to work and do nothing sick. But here I am! I wanna share my collab with Skinny Coffee Club with you today. Skinny Coffee Club has graciously sent me a 28 day supply of their coffee. I haven’t started it yet officially (bc I got super sick today), but I wanted to announce the start of my 28 day journey with this product.

It has a lot of other metabolism boosting, fat burning ingredients (matcha, ginseng and spirulina to name a few) as well so I’m excited to start this once I’m better. Check back with me in a few weeks and I’ll post before and after photos. I want to lost 10 more pounds so I hope this will help me achieve that goal. Of course no diet is complete without proper exercise and diet. Thanks for stopping by!





Skinny Coffee Club

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