Day of Pink

Yes, I know… National Pink Day was yesterday, but since I post every MWF I decided to dedicate a post all about pink today! Pink used to be my favorite color as a little girl because of its feminine quality and probably because society deemed pink as a “girlie” color. I would want the pink candy, a pink dress, a pink bow in my hair and I didn’t give other colors a chance. I usually don’t wear a lot of pink now, but it looks like I managed to shoot a few outfits of various shades of pink throughout my time as a blogger. Here’s a recap of some of my pink outfits and a few fun facts I learned about National Pink Day!

_MG_1745Pure Blush 

_MG_8444Magenta Agenda

_MG_7436Rainbow Sherbert 

_MG_1287Pretty in Pink 

_MG_9480Pipes à la plage


_MG_2061Cupcakes and Cupcake


I guess I did wear a lot of pink huh? Lol, here are some fun facts I learned about pink on

  • Pink was first used as a color name in the late 17th century.
  • Pink got its name from a flower
  • Back in the 14th century, to pink (verb) meant to decorate with a perforated/punched pattern
  • When combined with white or pale blue, pink represented femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood and romance
  • When associated with black or violet, pink represented seduction and eroticism
  • Pink-collar worker means a person working a job regarded as “women’s work”

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