Happy Friday!  I’m definitely ready to get out of town for the weekend. Because my trip to Philly was canceled abruptly last Friday, (for a friend’s wedding too!) I’ve been itching to leave LA. I’m headed to Crestline for the weekend to spend some much needed time with God, the hubs and nature. Totes diggin’ this tennis gal, relaxed, care free, sporty look. The pearly white sneaks with the lacy red-orange bodycon dress and shirt tied around the waist gives it that country club tennis look. Bodycon dresses are the best because they hug you in all the right places. This color is super vibrant and summer ready too!

Although I was never great at tennis, I really enjoy the sport and it’s great exercise. I’m definitely gonna get on the court more this summer. Have a blessed weekend!_MG_7823




An action shot of course.

_MG_7922 (1)

That car tho!

Dress: Pins and Needles, similar here and here

Shoes: Adidas

White shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch

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