Queen for a Day

I wish I could be Queen for a day. Haha, that would be pretty awesome right? But I totally felt like one wearing this stunning caped blush gown. I don’t know what it is about capes, but it makes you feel magical. Now I understand why superheroes wear capes! I can also see why they can be hazardous too because I almost tripped multiple times, but once you get used to the cape, it’s pretty rad.


I wear a lot of gowns because I perform a lot and it’s always challenging to find ones that fit right. Here are 5 embarrassing lessons I learned while performing in gowns…

In the Heights-It’s always a good idea to bring the exact shoes that you’re going to be wearing.You can get a better idea of the actual length of the dress with your heels on, practice walking in the dress and heels together, and get an idea of how comfortable your feet will be with the heels because we tend to wear our special occasion heels for formal events, not our go-to pumps. I’ve worn dresses that were too long and too short. It was a mess and it looked unprofessional.

Nip Slip-It didn’t actually happen, but I was really close to baring all when I lifted my hands for a dramatic moment. I was wearing a strapless dress and since I have no boobs, when my hands went up, the dress went down and I could feel it slipping away. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like wearing strapless gowns. They just don’t work for me. It’s important to know what fits you well and what you’re comfortable in.

Chicken Neck-You know, when chickens walk and jut their heads out? Yeah, you definitely don’t want that. Halter gowns created that chicken neck effect for me. I found myself almost bending in half because of the pressure from the tie around my neck.

Pro Bra-A lot of girls are comfortable free-boobing (probs bc they have boobs that can be free) it these days, but I like to keep mine fortified against nip slips and peeping tips. I found that gowns with straps work well for me because I can wear a bra. I also like one shoulder gowns because you can wear still wear a bra! Sometimes I tuck the other strap down or just wear a strap-adjustable bra.

Attack of the Pooch– An adjudicator once told me she was really distracted by my pooch. She told me to invest in spanx. Now, I wear them all the time to smooth that bellybutton pooch. I gain weight around my belly the quickest so the pooch can be very noticeable. I’ve lost a few lbs since then, but I’m still conscious of the pooch and bring spanx with me just in case.


I love the light coming through the cape. You can see the beautiful shadow of the leaves.


Let it go. A little homage to Elsa, the QUEEN of Arendelle._MG_6534

Dress: Jill Jill Stuart Blush Aria Gown

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