Tempi and Compton

Meet Tempura “Tempi” Umami (tabby) and Compton Inglewood (Russian blue). These two are the most mischievous creatures in the world, yet they’re the sweetest cuddlebugs ever. When I saw these on Chrissy’s Knee High Socks, I had to get them! It was like the universe was saying I needed to do a post about my cats.


Tempi and Compton are both strays. I found Tempi in 2012 when LA rained for three days straight. We never get rain here so three days of rain turned this city upside down and I guess it wreaked havoc on the little animals that use the outside world as shelter. Someone had let him into the apartment building and Tempi followed me all the way inside my apartment. He never left me since then.


He loves “snakes” aka hair ties and goes crazy for them. I’ll never know his obsession for them, but at least we can use it as bait for a photoshoot!


Meet Compton. He was found hidden inside the hood of a car by my husband’s friend. She couldn’t end up keeping him due to living  arrangements so she passed him along to us. He’s the sweetest, most cuddliest cat who likes to chew his tail, instigate fights, eat everything and anything and flick a pound of litter out of the litter box after hitting the bathroom.


I love how Chrissy’s Socks fit so well! Knee highs can get bulky, but these have the perfect amount of stretch. I love the length of the socks too. Some are too short and some too long, but these fit just right as they hit right below the kneecap. Thank you for the awesome socks!

Chrissy’s Cat Socks

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  1. jmbuk77

    hi! i love your socks and agreed they are perfect fit on you! cute cats and cosy outfit indeed! thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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