Abstract Prints

Welcome back to PnB and Happy Monday! I’m ready to tackle this week with renewed energy, refreshment, confidence and gratitude. Hope you guys are too!

I love this dress. Period. Ok, here are some pics, bye!

Lol, jk. I love everything from the print, to the color, to the style, and the fit. It’s simply gorgeous, chic and elegant all wrapped up in one abstract print. The extra fabric allows you to twirl twenty times in the dress, which is always fun! And let’s talk about the cut-out back. How amazing is that? This is dress is perfect for a nice dinner, wedding, date night, night at the opera, etc. I haven’t seen dresses with this much personality and flair in a while. It’s nice to see new prints and styles hit the market, especially since summer is nigh. Have a fabulous week everyone!






Dress: Rachel Roy (old), similar here and here

Shoes: Prada, see previous post here

Bag: Louis Vuitton

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