Neck and Neck

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Today’s look is one of my favorite looks. It’s minimal, chic and to the point. I love the image quality (we’ve been having some issues with the lens and lighting these days…) and overall composition of the photos. I’ll let you in on an insider tip and secret… not every shoot is successful. I’ve had to re-do some shoots (exact same outfit), delete shoots entirely, and delete so many photos that I only have less than 10 to choose from. We’re pretty good about pumping content out since I post three looks a week, but sometimes shoots are disastrous and frustrating. Anyone else feel the same?

I’ve been seeing a few bloggers wearing chokers these days so I decided to try it and immediately fell in love. It accentuates the neckline and draws your focus in. The off the shoulder crop top also accentuates the neckline because of the extra skin that’s revealed from the neck to the shoulders. I kept the colors pretty neutral with black, navy blue and white. I love this color pairing because it’s so simple and effective. I’m a person who loves wearing colors, but I also appreciate a simple, minimalistic outfit because sometimes less is more. Have a great week everyone!





Top: Hollister ($5), similar here

Skirt: Express ($20), similar here

Choker: DIY (Made from a shopping bag handle)

Shoes: Prada

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