Leave It To Me

Hello again from Cancún!

I thought I would take more photos, but it’s kind of difficult to take photos when you’re jet skiing, parasailing, or running a few miles on the beach. My bad, wish I could share these moments with you, but I don’t trust myself with my cell. I would probably end up breaking, cracking, losing or drowning it. Trust me, I’ve done it before!

Another one of my vacation staples is a drapey jumpsuit. It’s comfortable, breathable, not too restricting, and it keeps its shape. I love this one because of the print and color. You can’t go wrong with navy blue and the white and red leaf print is just too adorable! I accessorized with a wide-brim hat since there’s a lot of sun here and a belt to create a pseudo hour glass silhouette that I don’t have. You gotta fake it til you make it, son. This suit is an oldie but goodie. Since I’m such a hoarder, I don’t really give away my clothes unless I absolutely hate it or can’t wear it anymore. Guess it paid off this time. Ciao for now bellas!





Jumpsuit: Maison Jules (old), more navy blue jumpsuits here

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, see previous post here

Hat: The Limited, see previous post here

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2 Responses

  1. Cute! I’ve started packing for a vacation coming up in a few weeks and so far, I’ve only packed jumpsuits/rompers. They’re just so easy. And breathable as you said, which is a must for the beach! I really like yours with the hat! Now I have to go find one!

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