Drink Moschino

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was good! Let’s do this, Monday. Let’s embrace the week. Grow, learn, love.

Today I want to share this amazing Coca-Cola print dress from Moschino! Moschino is known to be a little over the top with their line. They’ve featured the Barbie collection, Super Mario Bros, McDonald’s, Spongebob, Looney Tunes, candy wrappers, Powerpuff Girls and much more on their runway. I love how they don’t put boundaries on fashion. A lot of designers play with material, cut, style, shape, look, and themes, but Moschino is one of the only brands that really has fun with what they create. They truly make a statement and they’re not afraid to pull from the media and everyday objects as well. Since I’m a mixture of crazy, bold, fun and spontaneous, I had to share this look with you! I hope you enjoy.





Dress: Moschino

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (sold out), not studded here

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