Welcome to another glorious Wednesday! Are you making it through the week? I hope so. I’m on the struggle bus in terms of sleep, but I’m managing.

Today I want to share a little bit about my neck of the woods. I pretty much lived in North Hollywood/Korea Town ever since I moved to Los Angeles.  It’s a mix of busy, dirty, crowded, crazy, obnoxious and dangerous but there are also a lot of awesome things about living in K-Town too. These are not actual facts from a survey or anything, but rather my own opinions and experiences. So here are 5 facts/interesting things to do in Korea Town!

1. AYCE. Just memorize this acronym. It stands for All You Can Eat. If you haven’t experienced the gluttony of AYCE Korean BBQ in K-Town you have not lived. It’s usually around $15-$30 per person for AYCE Korean BBQ.

2. Crazy Korean Drivers. There have been plenty of times I almost died (in a car and on a run) because of crazy Korean drivers in K-Town. Most of them are middle aged to older folks, but my oh my. If you haven’t had a near death experience with a Korean driver, there are plenty of opportunities to experience that when you’re in K-Town!

3. New Dessert Places. There have been so many cute new dessert shops all over K-Town these days. There are the usual Boba shops everywhere, but recently I’ve been enjoying Honeymee (Milk ice cream and real honeycomb, yum!), CottonHi (Organic cotton candy with soft serve ice cream. My fave.), and SnowLA Shavery (Shave ice, Korean style).

4. Karaoke. There are so many places to Karaoke in K-Town! It’s almost as common as KBBQ restaurants. Also, they serve soju in plastic Arrowhead water bottles. No joke.

5. Parking Wars. It’s pretty impossible to find street parking in K-Town at any given time of the day. It got so bad in my old neighborhood that people were parking their cars on the sidewalk! It was only then that building managers and owners put up yellow concrete poles to prevent cars from parking on the sidewalk. 

So I have to admit I am a poser and I’ve never been to Brooklyn. I’ve been meaning to explore the city, but haven’t had the chance to. The tank is really cute though, so here’s a shoutout to everyone in Brooklyn!






Tank: La Notte (sold out)

Leggings, Forever 21

Shoes: Banana Republic (sold out), similar here

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hat: H&M

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