Wrapped Up

Hello you gorgeous people!

Boy am I glad that it’s Friday!! It’s practically the weekend right? Yay!! This week I’ve been doing a lot of yoga. I’m actually really liking it, especially hot yoga. I love the feeling of sweat and toxins leaving my body. It’s super hard and sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe, but it’s totally gratifying and worth it. I used to think yoga wasn’t a good enough workout, but now I’m singing a different song. I’ve never been so sore after my first hot yoga session and I’ve been working out consistently (5 days a week) for almost a year!! You guys should try yoga sometime.

This post has nothing to do with yoga. I just wanted to share a little bit about my life, who I am and what I do. I mean, that’s partially why I started this blog. Not only to share my looks and style tips, but to share a little of my life with you.

This look is super simple, chic and creative! All you need is a pashmina and pants/jeans. This pashmina was actually a gift from my finacée’s former boss. They were at an event and he asked John (my fiancée/photographer) to pick one out for me and John picked this one! It looks super exotic like it’s from Turkey, but it’s not. It’s from some flea market in Los Angeles, lol! All you have to do is wrap it around you and cinch it with a belt to keep the pashmina in place and to create a waistline. I paired it with black coated jeans so the vibrant color can really pop. Don’t you love the colors on this thing? I urge you to try this at home! Have a great weekend!!





Pashmina: Gift, lots of prints and colors here

Jeans: Rock and Republic, similar here

Shoes: Halogen, similar here

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