Vert Day


Happy Happy Friday! Happy Happy Friday! It’s the weekend of Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day so some of us will be having an extra nice, long weekend. I hope that’s me… and you too! Tell your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, wife, husband and friends how much you love them and are thankful for them. We should share, express and celebrate love this week!

Since there’s so much red, pink and white on Valentine’s Day, I decided to go totally unconventional with green. Not only is it my favorite color, but there are so many shades/tones that are eye-catchingly gorgeous. Also did you notice how I made a play on the word green? Vert means green in French and verde is green in Spanish and Italian. Also, Valentine’s Day starts with a V, (and can also be shortened to V-Day) so I titled this post Vert Day. Yeah, I felt pretty clever, lol. Sorry…

Now what you’re really interested in… the outfit! I bought this outfit when H&M was having a major sale. The whole outfit was less than $15! Limited quantities still available! I mixed textures, patterns and fabrics and paired a dark velvet V-neck with an iridescent sequin skirt to paint the town this Valentine’s Day. The iridescent skirt is so beautiful and shiny and definitely catches the eye. I also like the top because it’s simple and sexy. I kept the accessorizing to a minimum with a drop necklace and blue suede sandals.





Velvet top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Necklace: Madewell

Shoes: Prada, similar here

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