Wear It Like A Man

Hi Everyone and Happy Day 3 of Advent! I just can’t wait for the holidays. My heart starts pounding when I think about the joy and beauty of Christmas. I hope you can take the time to find peace and joy this season.

I love men’s clothing! I wish there were more bespoke suits, three piece suits, cuff links, ties and cool accessories only men get to wear at our disposal. The patterns for women’s skirt suits and pants suits are sometimes very boring and dated. I wanted to try something different with this men’s-wear inspired post because let’s be honest, I like being weird and different!

This is actually a pretty simple look to put together. Just take your man’s (or any men’s) dress shirt and pair it with a body-con skirt. I played with the purple/burgundy color that’s perfect for fall. You must add the fedora too! Mine is a men’s fedora because I have a giant pumpkin head and the women’s fedoras have a hard time staying on my head. The fedora will definitely kick it up a manly notch.

IMG_9452IMG_9402IMG_9457IMG_9442Shirt: Ben Sherman (any men’s dress shirt will do); Skirt: Forever 21, similar here; Belt: H&M, similar here; Fedora: old, similar here; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, different colors here

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